ABORT PATRIARCHY: Benefit Eatcafé & Concert

Abort the Patriarchy Benefit Eatcafé and Concert for ANA, Den Haag

On the 22nd of March, the feminist initiative Kattenkwaad organizes a benefit eatcafé and a concert for Abortion Network Amsterdam (ANA)!

ANA exists is a group of volunteers who came together to create a network of support for women who don’t have access to safe abortion because of a number of reasons:
– they don’t have access to legal abortion in the country of origin;
– the country where they reside doesn’t provide late term abortion;
– they don’t have access to legal abortion because of their status in the country

ANA provides the women with housing and some of the basic needs, help with transportation and translation in some cases. We make sure they get all the documents needed for the abortion, help set up an appointment as well as choose the appropriate clinic in the Netherlands.

The feminist (and vegan) eatcafé starts around 18:00.
The concert start around 20:00.