Useful websites

Useful websites

When you have faced discrimination, violence, or are in a problematic situation, there are some useful websites that can help you in case you want help. There are a couple of organisations, mentioned below, that can help with legal and emotional assistance.

If you have any contributions to this list, you are welcome to contact us!

  • Abortion Network Amsterdam (English website)

The Abortion Network Amsterdam is an initiative run by a group of volunteers who came together to create a network of support for women who don’t have access to safe abortion because of a number of reasons: they don’t have access to legal abortion in the country of origin; the country where they reside doesn’t provide late term abortion, and they don’t have access to legal abortion because of their status in the country.

  • Center sexual violence (Dutch website)

The Center sexual violence can help you when you faced any form of sexual violence. They offer a 24/7 hotline for victims for sexual violence and are often found in hospitals as well. You can always contact them, no matter how long ago it happened. They assign you a case manager who specializes in sexual violence and offers assistance, for example therapy. They can explain the options you have, and they can provide medical care and assist you in the hospital.

  • Bond Precaire Woonvormen (BPW) (Dutch website)

BPW is a solidarity movement, that is run by volunteers who support each other because they all believe that affordable housing is a human right. They help people in precarious living situations by supporting them as a network. The other volunteers will advise you when you have problems with your landlord, or with housing corporations. They don’t just give you advise, but also want you to join the support network and show solidarity with others.

  • FIOM (Dutch website)

Fiom is an organisation that helps people with unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. They will inform you about what options there are, and they can give a lot of information on abortion, adoption or raising a child yourself. They also give information on emotionally processing abortion. They are the only funded organization giving information on abortion that tries to give neutral information, without a bias. Fiom can also help with questions about looking for biological family.

  • Fabel van de Illegaal (Dutch website)

The Fabel van de Illegaal (myth of the illegal), is a support organisation for people without a residence permit. They give juridical and practical advice to people who don’t have this residence permit, or who applied for a residence permit but this application was rejected. At the moment, the Fabel is open every Monday and Wednesday, from 14:00 to 17:00, You can come by at this open speaking hour.

  • KSU Den Haag (Dutch website)

As long as there is a housing shortage, people will take their housing rights in empty spaces.  Squatting can offer a solution for people in precarious housing situations and can offer a home, or a space to organise social initiatives. The Kraakspreekuur (KSU, in English: squatting speaking hour) is an initiative where volunteers and squatters can advise you on squatting. The KSU is an information point for people who have questions about housing rights in general, but also the (legal) theory and practice of squatting.

  • PROUD – Dutch Union for Sexworkers (website in Dutch and in English)

PROUD is an organization that strives to improve the situation for sexworkers in the Netherlands. They try to fight the stigma around sexwork and  stand up for the rights  that sexworkers have or should have. They also give workshops and legal advice, and have an information newsletter. Only (former) sexworkers can become members of PROUD.

  • Slachtofferwijzer (website in Dutch, and with translation tool)

Slachtofferwijzer is a website where you can find different organizations that can help with the following things: violence, sexual violence, accidents, missing persons, theft.

  • Slachtofferhulp Nederland (website in Dutch, and with translation tool)

Slachtofferhulp NL offers practical, legal and emotional support when you have experienced: sexual violence; violence; an accident; domestic abuse; theft, or a person is missing. They have locations all over the Netherlands.

  • Stichting IDB – Inclusion and fighting Discrimination

Stichting IDB is a foundation that can advise and support you when you have faced discrimination.  You can file a complaint when you have been discriminated via their website, via email, or you can call them. You can do this anonymous. They also give information and workshops to municipalities, companies and other organisations. Stichting IDB works in the region Hollands Midden and Haaglanden, and they research discrimination in this area.