Baas in Eigen Buik Stencils!

In 2017 the law to make the abortionpill (or overtime pill) available at the general practitioner was reversed. A couple of months later the CASA abortion clinics, that performed half of the abortions, went bankrupt. The ministry of health, welfare and sport did nothing to prevent this. And recently a research on Siriz (an abortion aid organization) has shown that they give false and discouraging advise to those that seek information about abortion. Siriz receives €1,5 million in subsidies per year. These alarming developments around abortion rights and access to abortion need to be resisted!

We believe that everyone should have the possiblity to decide what happens to their own body. Nobody should be allowed to take away this right of self-determination. The right to safe abortion has to be protected, so that no unsafe methods need to be used to undergo abortion.

Intolerance against the individual freedom of choice cannot be allowed to grow! You can show your solidarity by getting on the streets. It’s time for ‘my body, my choice!’ (baas in eigen buik) to make a comeback.

Anyone interested in the stencil, we have some available for €5 (in The Hague). All the sales will go in to feminist actions. Send us a message and help out to spread it!

You can contact us via: kattenkwaad-haf(at)