Dear feminists,

Because of the situation concerning COVID-19 (the coronavirus), we are not are currently not organising any events.

We do not want to risk people their health and we want to be mindful about this virus. We think the Dutch government has responded to the spread of the virus too late – and is therefore risking lives. We think everyone with the privilege to stay at home should, or should try to help others in less privileged situations.  This is an important time to show solidarity with each other. Even if you are stuck in your house, it is still good to try and have social contact. Not only is this time difficult for people who are the mentioned as  ‘groups at risk’, but it’s also hard for others. Social contact can be extremely important for people who struggle with depression and other mental health issues, and right now is the time to check on others and take care of them – and of course, of ourselves.

However, we do realise that this time of social distancing can be overwhelmingly difficult. Therefore we will keep on posting different articles about COVID-19 that can hopefully help some people. We will also share interesting articles and zines. If you have recommendations, please send them to us: