Boycott New York Pizza!

We are calling out to boycott New York Pizza!

While having a nice bikeride in Amsterdam Noord – one of our Kattenkwaad activists was confronted with the new sexist advertisement of New York Pizza. 

The advertisement shows a naked body with two cauliflowers that the person places in front of their breasts, overly sexualising breasts and objectifiying the womxn’s bodies.Sexists advertisements are not new and we see them almost daily, and even though many people call out to end this, not a lot happens. So we are angry and it’s time to throw with those cauliflowers.


You can email New York Pizza and let them know that we are NOT amused about their new advertisement by sending them an email that we will boycott them! Email:

If you don’t feel like sending your own message, you can send this message:

Hi NY Pizza,

Today I saw the new poster campaign on cauliflower. I was quite shocked that this is very women unfriendly! It is incredibly sexist and it objectifies bodies and breasts. These kind of advertisements are just not a way to go in this day and age (also not in the past actually) and it is terrible that you use sexism to sell pizza’s. Take you posters from the streets ASAP, we have started a boycott activity against these advertisements.

It’s also a good idea to send this email to the designers that make this kind of advertisements, which is NATWERK in Amsterdam. Their email address is: