Information and Discussion Night: Action for Abortion Rights!

*English Below*

Kattenkwaad organiseert op donderdag 11 april een avond waar we het recht op abortus in Nederland kunnen bespreken. We focussen ons voornamelijk op de inperking van dit recht, en op de intimidatie door christenfundamentalistische groepen die mensen benaderen wanneer zij naar een abortus kliniek gaan.

Welke beweringen gebruiken christenfundamentalisten om abortus weg te zetten als gevaarlijk en als moord? En hoe is het aan te tonen dat deze beweringen niet wetenschappelijk onderbouwd zijn en dus niet kloppen? We gaan wetenschappelijk onderzoek dat gedaan is naar abortus bespreken om ons te verdiepen in de psychologische en fysieke impact van een abortus. Ook zal er ruimte zijn om persoonlijke verhalen rondom abortus te delen met elkaar. En natuurlijk bespreken we hoe we actie kunnen voeren tegen anti-abortus activisten!

Laten we het taboe rondom abortus verbreken en actie nemen tegen de anti-abortus activisten die ons recht aantasten. Het is tijd om de oude slogans weer naar boven te halen! Baas in Eigen Buik!

De Opstand is toegankelijk voor rolstoelen.

Tijd: 19:00.

Adres: Beatrijsstraat, 2531 XC Den Haag, Nederland


On Thursday the 11th of April Kattenkwaad will organise a night where we will discuss the right to abortion in the Netherlands. We will mainly focus on how christianfundamentalist groups are trying to take away these rights, and how anti-abortion groups are intimitating people who are going to abortion clinics.

What claims use christianfundamentalists to portray abortion as dangerous and as murder? And how is it possible to show that these claims are not supported by scientific evidence and therefore they spread false information? We will discuss scientific research on abortion, and there will be the opportunity to share personal stories on abortion with each other. Afterwards we will discuss how we can take action against anti-abortion activists!

On Thursday the 11th of April, Kattenkwaad will host a night where we will discuss abortion rights in the Netherlands. We will mainly focus on how, and who, is threatening this right.

Let’s break the silence and taboo around abortion and take action against anti-abortion activists that want to take away our rights It is time to re-use a slogan that has not been used for a long time in the Netherlands: My Body, My Choice!

De Opstand is wheelchair accessible.

Time: 19h

Address: Beatrijsstraat, 2531 XC The Hague, Netherlands


Hex the Patriarchy Reading Group

HEX THE PATRIARCHY Reading Group: Witches, Witch-Hunting and Women*

On the 5th of April, when the New Moon rises, we will start to explore the relationship between witchcraft, anti-capitalism and feminism!

Women* who have opposed capitalism, patriarchy and Christian power structures have often been labelled as witches, with the result that many have been tortured, hanged, burned or killed in other terrible ways. The genocide of women during the early modern witch-hunt era in Europe is often overlooked when we talk of periods in history that have had an impact on social inequalities in contemporary society. Yet, these witch-hunts occurred during the rise of modern day capitalism, and when the political and economic power of the church became very important. Christianity and capitalism sailed together to other places and there too, decided that powerful women*, medicine women*, shamans and everyone who they saw as ‘witches’ were destroyed. Together capitalism and Christianity survive and become stronger through patriarchal power structures – let’s hex them and destroy them!

We will dive into the history of the witchhunts and its connection to capitalism with the help of Silvia Federici’s research. We will especially focus on ‘Witches, Witch-hunting and Women’. She will offer us an explanation of how anti-capitalism should be connected with feminism, and the other way around.

The book ‘Witches, Witch-Hunting and Women’ can be bought at the anarchist bookstore the Opstand,, where a copy of chapters 2, 3 and 4 can be found. You can also email kattenkwaad-haf(at) for a pdf. If you don’t have time to read the chapters, here is a summary: Summary ‘Witches, Witch-hunting and Women’

Time and date of the reading group: 5th of April, 19h.

Address: Roggeveenstraat 56, The Hague.

Sign the petition against intimidation at abortion clinics!

Last Friday we organised a benefit for the Abortion Network Amsterdam, and we raised 245 euros! A big thank you for everyone who came and donated 💜🖤

It’s amazing that we raised so much money for the Abortion Network Amsterdam, but there is still a lot of work to do to help people get access to safe abortions. We got contacted by other activists that many people who have to go to an abortion clinic are being harassed and intimitaded by anti-abortion activists. This needs to stop! Humanistisch Verbond decided to create a petition against the harassment, which you can sign here!

The petition will be handed over to all municipalities that have an abortionclinic. But we will not sit still and stay silent. We think that these anti-abortion activists are crossing boundaries in a violent and disgusting way. If you know that there is an abortion clinic close to the place you live, go there and scare the anti-abortion activists away!

Doorbraak wrote an article (in Dutch) on the petition against intimidation by anti-abortion activists that is worth reading: Read it here.

Abort the Patriarchy Benefit Eatcafé & Concert


Benefit Eatcafé & Concert for the Abortion Network Amsterdam!

On the 22nd of March, the feminist initiative Kattenkwaad organizes a benefit eatcafé and a concert for Abortion Network Amsterdam (ANA).

About the Abortion Network Amsterdam (ANA)

ANA exists is a group of volunteers who came together to create a network of support for women who don’t have access to safe abortion because of a number of reasons:
– they don’t have access to legal abortion in the country of origin;
– the country where they reside doesn’t provide late term abortion;
– they don’t have access to legal abortion because of their status in the country

ANA provides the women with housing and some of the basic needs, help with transportation and translation in some cases. We make sure they get all the documents needed for the abortion, help set up an appointment and choose the appropriate clinic.

Concert Line-Up

19h Classical music from female composers
20h Laura Agnusdei, Electroacoustic
21h Mala Herba, Synth Witchcraft
22h Prophetiae Sibyllarum, Witch Noise and Drone

The feminist VOKU starts around 18h (suggested donation: 5 euros).
The concert start around 20h.

Address: Violenweg 2, 2597KL, The Hague

Date: 22nd of March

Het Patriarkraakt: Talkinggroup about Toxic Masculinity

Het Patriarkraakt is a monthly talking group about toxic masculinity. We hope to create a space for self-reflection, to educate each other about feminism and sexism. To enable us to think in a healthy way about these issues, and to learn healthy behavior. A space to share questions, doubts, experiences and self-criticism.

The third session takes places on March 13th, this time in The Hague. This session we’re combining parts of the first two sessions. We will discuss what the patriarchy is and how it has operated in our lives. Then we’ll be looking for way to make our activist spaces safer for women, trans people and queers.

Everyone is welcome, but the talking group is focused on (the experiences of):
– Cis men
– People who want to unlearn toxic masculinity (regardless of your gender)

If this doesn’t apply to you, then you are still very much welcome. Especially if you think others can learn from you, or if you think you can learn from others.

Why do we do this?
In this patriarchal society we are taught toxic masculinity. This means that we are not able to sustain relationships in a healthy way (friendly, romantic…) . We learn to emotionally cut ourselves off from ourselves and others. We learn that aggression and violence are the only means to solve conflicts. We learn that we don’t need to listen to women/non-men and that we can cross their personal boundaries. We learn to commit sexual violence and to see it as normal or innocent.

Our activist spaces are not free from toxic masculinity. Here too we find sexism and sexual violence. Here too there is a dude-culture (brocialism/manarchism). We want to change this. We hope that this talking group will contribute to making activist spaces safer for women, non-men, trans people and queers.

Wednesday March 13th
Ruige Rog (Roggeveenstraat 56), The Hague
19:00 vegan food
19:30 start program

Preparing for the Women’s* March on Amsterdam

On the 9th of March is the Women’s* March on Amsterdam!

Kattenkwaad will join the March and walk in the intersectional and anticapitalist block. If you also want to go, and would like to make a banner or a sign, you are welcome to join our preperation meeting on the 8th of March!

We will meet at the Samenscholing around 19:00, and together start making banners/signs. If you don’t know what to make, you can help us with painting the Kattenkwaad banner.

There will be vegan snacks at the preperation meeting and nice music.

We hope to see you there!

More information on the Women’s* March on Amsterdam can be found on their Facebook event: Women’s* March on Amsterdam
More information on the intersectional and anti-capitalist block can be found on the Facebook event created by the Vrije Bond: Intersectional/Anticapitalist block

Women* refers to everyone who identifies as a woman, or who struggles with being misgendered as a woman.

Time: 19:00
Address: Samenscholing, Beatrijsstraat 12, The Hague

International Women’s* Month

Yes, it’s international women’s* month! Of course, for many amongst us, every day is women’s* day. If you have to fight sexism and other inequalities that intersect with sexism, you will reflect on being a woman more often than only this month. But what is great about this month is that there are many feminist activities planned. So we made a selection of some events you can go to!

2.03 Untold Stories: The South Asian #MeToo Movement, Den Haag

3.03 Siksa & Pochwalone in Amsterdam // benefit for ANA, Amsterdam

3.03 BFB: Black Feminism & Experimental Cinema – Barbara McCullough, Amsterdam

8.03 International Women´s Day Show, Amsterdam

8.03 International Women’s Day – Tribute to Ama Ata Aidoo, Amsterdam

8.03 Mama Cash Feminist Festival, Groningen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht

In different cities, the nongovernmental organisation Mama Cash is hosting festivals together with art institutions.

8.03 Preparing for the Women’s March on the 9th, Den Haag

On the 8th of March Kattenkwaad will be preparing for going to the Women’s March in Amsterdam. Are you living in The Hague or feel like preparing for the March together with other feminists? You are very welcome to join! There will be some baked goods in a feminist sphere. More information will follow!

9.03 Women’s March, Amsterdam

10.03 Feminist block on the Climate March, Amsterdam

22.03 Abort the Patriarchy Benefit Concert for ANA, Den Haag

Kattenkwaad will be organising a benefit concert for ANA. More details will follow soon.

If you know any other events in or around The Hague, share it with us! Hopefully these events will give you some inspiration to smash the patriarchy. Because, let’s be honest – the existence of patriarchy is not doing anyone a favour.

Women* refers to everyone who identifies as a woman, or who struggles with being misgendered as a woman.

Stand at 2.Dh5!

Are you still wondering what to do this weekend? Join us and come to the festival 2.Dh5!

The 2.Dh5 festival is a place to discuss grass-roots campaigns, tactics and methods that bring our ideals of a free and caring society closer. They do this by engaging in analyses of the current and historical context, by looking at real alternatives, and (re)discovering strategies.

There are some workshops that fit to our feminist ideals and that definetly worth going to! We will be at 2.Dh5 on Saturday, with our stand and patches, stickers, flags, some zines, and much more!

You can find more information on 2.Dh5 on their Facebook event:

Or on their website:

Hopefully we will see you there.

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Feminist VOKU

Feminist VOKU at the Ruige Rog!

On monday the 4th of February Kattenkwaad organises a benefit eatcafé in the Ruige Rog! Since we started our collective at the end of last year, we could use some money to create some great anarcha-feminist stickers, artworks, flyers, patches and more!

Kattenkwaad is an autonomous feminist initiative from the Hague, initiated by local activists who wish to organise themselves around feminist issues in a horizontal way. We strive for a society free of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia or other discriminatory or oppressive behaviour and consider the revealing and rejection of social inequality the first necessary step to achieve change. Therefore we organise different kinds of gatherings and actions, directly or indirectly relating to patriarchal oppression or gender inequality.

Food will be on donation and of course it will be vegan!

Address: Roggeveenstraat 56, 2518 TM, The Hague
Opening time Ruige Rog: 18:00, start of dinner: 19:00

Open Meeting Kattenkwaad

*English Below*

Open vergadering van Kattenkwaad
Op vrijdag 21 december, organiseert de autonome feministische initiatief Kattenwaad een open vergadering in de Ruige Rog.
Tijdens deze vergadering is iedereen welkom om te bespreken wat feminisme voor ons betekent, en hoe we actief vorm willen geven aan een intersectioneel feministisch initiatief. We bespreken belangrijke richtlijnen waar we als initiatief op willen focussen, en hoe we dit duidelijk kunnen maken (door middel van bijvoorbeeld een ‘code of conduct’, of een manifest).
Ook kijken we terug naar wat we hebben georganiseerd in de paar maanden dat we bestaan, maar zullen we ons vooral focussen op wat we nog meer kunnen organiseren en kunnen doen!
Als je ideeën hebt voor acties of activiteiten, ben je heel welkom om naar de vergadering te komen en je ideeën te delen en mee te discussiëren. Ook als je nog nooit bij een activiteit van Kattenkwaad bent geweest: iedereen is welkom en nieuwe perspectieven worden altijd gewaardeerd.

Tijd: 19:00
De Ruige Rog
Adres: Roggeveenstraat 56, Den Haag

Open Meeting Kattenkwaad
On Friday the 21st of December, the autonomous feminist initiative Kattenkwaad organizes an open meeting in the Ruige Rog.
Everyone is welcome to come to this meeting and discuss what feminism means for us, and how we can actively give this form within an intersectional feminist initiative. We will discuss important standpoints that we strive to focus on as an initiative, and we will discuss how we can make this visible (e.g. through an ‘code of conduct’ or a manifest).
We will also look back at what we have organized in the few months that we exist, but we will mainly focus on what else we can organize and do!
If you have ideas for actions and activities, you are very welcome to join and share your ideas and to discuss them. If you have never been to an activity hosted by Kattenkwaad, you are also welcome: new perspectives are valued a lot.

Time: 19:00
De Ruige Rog
Address: Roggeveenstraat 56, The Hague